Communication is a struggle

Mannnnn, I could write a novel or two about communication and the lack there of. Communication has so much power yet no one ever really utilizes it. Do you know how many wars could have been avoided if only people communicated properly. And when I say communicate, I don’t mean to ramble off the worst… Continue reading Communication is a struggle


Sticky Situation

Is there anyone out there who feels... stuck. I couldn’t think of a better word and “stuck” seems to sum the feeling up into a tight ,little, perfect ball. I’m sure we all feel this way at least once in our lives. The issue is most of us may be afraid to go through the… Continue reading Sticky Situation

Dating as a flight attendant…

I often get the question of how I am able to sustain a solid, romantic relationship with my current occupation. My coworkers and roommates are always saying how difficult it is to date. Some of them are even certain they will become crazy cat ladies. Thankfully I secured the boo years before and he was… Continue reading Dating as a flight attendant…

More Than Good Enough

So I’m sitting in an airport waiting for my flight, & I had a strong desire to write this post. Almost two years later, I am working in a career I love at least 90% of the time (maybe a little more) & I am reflecting on where GOD has placed me at this present… Continue reading More Than Good Enough

Take Care

Sometimes we become so immersed in taking care of others we forget to take care of ourselves. I know, I know it’s a common fact we should take care of ourselves but are you really doing it? ( I mean really!) I’m not just talking about eating right or working out. (Although both are important.)… Continue reading Take Care

2018 Goals…Finally!

A full two weeks into the New Year and I have finallllllllllllllyyy figured out my goals for 2018! (Yay, it didn’t take long at all!). With every New Year, I always feel a weird sense of dread. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact I turn a year older with the new… Continue reading 2018 Goals…Finally!